My story

I’m James. I began my jet setting tour in June 2016 when I made the best decision of my life so far, and booked my flights to Australia. I was 22 when I booked them and was desperately looking for a cure to the ‘I-am-struggling-to-get-over-my-ex-girlfriend syndrome’, and so, the months went by as I counted down how many days I had left until I flew to the other side of the world, and as if by magic – my life didn’t feel so bad anymore. I had an awesome trip coming up and I knew it would be the making of me.

I have been in the hospitality industry for what must be coming up to eight years now, working in golf club bars & restaurants, clubs, bars and cocktail bars up and down the country, whether it be with a standalone bar/restaurant or a pop up bar at a festival. I found my niche about a 14 months ago now when I decided to start my own little Cocktail Masterclass company to make myself a bit of extra cash to save for my travels. This would involve going to clients’ houses or events and making them cocktails for the night as they took advantage of their own private bar, or teaching a group of them how to make the most elegant, yet alcoholic cocktails.

So my love of cocktails was then merged with my need (not want) to travel. I’m sure you can see where I came up with my blog name! The cocktail niche in the drinks industry is a huge interest of mine, so wherever I go travelling, I’m always looking for the next best Sour or the next best Daiquiri, so stay up to date with my travels in photos by checking out my Instagram – @thetravellingmixologist.

So to cut a long story short (probably could’ve said this at the start), I’m pretty much just your happy cocktail enthusiast that has wanderlust!

Happy reading!