23 signs you’re a traveller in Australia

We’re all well-aware of the thousands of people that head to countries like Thailand, Australia and New Zealand each year to ‘find themselves’ and it seems like every one of them (including myself) epitomises the cliché traveller, regardless of their background, upbringing or which demographic they are part of. I mean it’s not a bad thing to be part of this cliché. I’d definitely say that I exhibit many of these ridiculously accurate signs.

So here’s 23 ‘traveller identifiers’…

1. You decided to go travelling to ‘find yourself’.




2. You’re influenced by so many people that you decide to try and emulate their look.



3. You spend your time in the hostel moaning about how gross it is.



4. Following number 3 – hygiene is no longer a clear priority in your life.



5. You understand the struggles of hostel kitchens & thus other people stealing your much loved food.



6. Even worse – when you forget to label your food and it gets chucked out of the hostel fridge at the end of the week.



7. You then have a distinct lack of food and have to resort to eating out due to unforeseen laziness.



8. When someone questions your laziness and your answer is along the lines of “I’m travelling, let me be lazy”



9. You’ve been surfing not even half a dozen times and you’re suddenly expert on every aspect of it.



10. When people ask you why you like travelling so much, you respond with “it’s just a different way of life here” or “it’s just so chilled here” – (particularly appropriate for those in Australia).



11. People stealing your toiletries becomes a regular occurrence.



12. You’re well aware that if you leave your food unattended for any longer than five minutes it will disappear into the kitchen’s black hole (another thieving traveller).

why not.gif


13. You’ve become accustomed to how extortionate everything is in Australia compared to other countries



14. You’re also overwhelmed at how well you get paid as a bartender here.



15. You’ve grown to love Australia so much that you look for numerous ways to stay.



16. You came travelling to get over your ex.



17. You’ve come across at least one person that loves everybody to know that they’re a keen guitarist and it actually becomes intensely irritating.



18. You have at least one, very cliché-travelling, picture on your Instagram with you gazing meaningfully into the distance.



19. You’ve listened to the select few ‘at-one-with-nature’ individuals talk about how spiritual their lives are, and how they’re writing a book about their travelling experience.



20. You’ve experienced just how sexually-forward some Australians are. I mean it’s not necessarily a bad thing…

It’s literally like this

21. You tell people you meet, on a regular basis, how much better Australia is than your home country.



22. And your justification always seems to be centred around the weather and/or the constant half-nudity that is available to the naked-eye (pardon the pun).

slow mo.gif


23. You’ve become best mates with people after knowing them for as little as a week.


So there you have it – 23 tell-tale signs that prove you’re a traveller in Australia illustrated mostly by GIFs of Ross from Friends. Who knew he would be so appropriate for such a blog!? 

I’ve made some pretty amazing friends and, in turn, met some awesome people since I came travelling and I really think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. If you get the chance to go – jump on it. You really won’t regret it!

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