Just who are The Empire Police?

So recently, I’ve filled my bored moments with emptying Spotify of all it’s up-and-coming artists, of any genre, and I’ve discovered some pretty rad new artists.
The recently Spotify-verified The Empire Police are a new band that only emerged this year as they burst onto BBC Introducing‘s radar when Sean McGinty introduced (for lack of a better word) their new tracks on BBC Radio Lancashire.

The Empire Police on Sean McGinty’s Introducing show earlier this year

The boys launched the band in 2015 but have only recently bumped their way up into the UK Indie scene after releasing their ambient debut track – ‘Taxi Rank‘ which sparks thoughts of bands such as the Arctic Monkeys & Blossoms when they first started out. The four Lancashire-born lads, Jordao, Tom, Fynley & George, have created a funky alternative twist on Indie-rock music which can be heard ever so clearly in Taxi Rank with lead singer & rhythm guitarist Jordao Bassa’s guitar effects oozing into the forefront of the song.

According to The Empire Police’s bassist, George Jacques, their music influences range from two-time Reading Festival headliners – The Strokes, to the likes of alt-rock legends – The Stone Roses, with Johnny Marr and The Cribs also influencing the way they write their songs. strokes.jpg
The influential indie icons – The Strokes (live at Reading Festival)

I feel like The Empire Police are trying to carve their way into the indie-rock genre and pick up where the Arctic Monkeys left off, before they released their newer albums and came up with a whole new sound. This style of music shouldn’t be forgotten and it’s awesome how they’re squeezing out their own take on the genre, yet not forgetting just who pioneered it.

So as we talk about new music, the boys’ are releasing a music video for their latest single, ‘Dreamboat Picture‘, on the 7th May which has a similar feel to music videos released by well-known indie-rock stars, Vampire Weekend.

Dreamboat Picture – Out now. Music video to come on the 07/05/17

The Empire Police have everything they need to get a name for themselves in the music industry, with their reedy sounding vocals matched up to their ever-so-fashionable take on indie-rock music. Their following is even beginning to increase across the other side of the globe in Australia where their sound matches that of Sticky Fingers, the Sydney-born indie artists. A personal favourite of all their songs, for me, would have to be Just By Chance which has a raw, earthy feel to it. Just takes me back to my days of listening to bands like Razorlight and their big influence, The Strokes at Propaganda Indie Nights!

The boys have plenty of gigs planned for the next few months if you’re up for going to see these hotshots live – and they’re playing at some pretty decent arenas, too. I’ve listed their gig dates at the bottom of the page along with links to their songs & albums on iTunes. Their Spotify is also linked at the bottom of the page so give these emerging icons a listen!


Gig dates:

June 6th – Night n Day Café, Manchester
June 10th – The Dark Room at Roper Hall, Preston
July 21st – Maida Vale, Sheffield
August 12th – The Blind Tiger Bar, Bolton
Two more dates are yet to be announced in Manchester and Preston – VENUE TBC

Buy their self-titled debut EP on iTunes here!

Also check out their Twitter, Instagram & Facebook pages!

I’ll be back soon with some new artists for all you music addicts!

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