A band a week – machineheart

Following my previous two blog posts about the music industry and its new-found artists, I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a new, enriching band once a week. I mean who said you can’t have enough music?!


So my first choice is a band named ‘machineheart‘. The synth-pop group was formed in 2014 by three friends – guitarist Carman Kubanda, bassist Jake Randle & drummer Harrison Allen. The trio from Tacoma, Washington, formed with Stevie Scott – an Anglophile singer from Los Angeles (taken from their biography by Neil Z. Yeung). The four from the US of A released their first single ‘Circles‘ in 2015, written about the process of living life to the fullest, with those closest to you being at the heart of your plans (genius.com). This track circles (pardon the pun) the indie, alternative and electronic styles of play and has a perfect balance of the three styles that can all be different in their own way.

Dude you must be Stonecold in a t-shirt in this weather…

Their music has a similar sound and feel to that of synth-pop stars CHVRCHES but almost certainly leaves a more resonating tone with you, leaving you a machineheart addict.

So the awesome body of four musicians have just come off tour with Crystal Fighters and went straight on tour with emerging icons in the synth-pop genre – LANY, a trio of virtuosos from Los Angeles, California. These two artists couldn’t quite be better matched to go on tour together, both exploiting the ups and downs of synthetically-made beats and using them to their advantage.

Tomorrow is the last day of their tour – catch them while you can!

With seven songs to their name (plus covers) they still may seem like a new band in the industry, but being invited to tour with LANY, a band who are growing faster, daily, then there is definitely something about them that proves that they are going to be a big hit in the synth-pop genre.
Listening to their track ‘Stonecold‘, it reminds me of the tone that Trip-Hop legends, Massive Attack produced in their hit song Teardrop, that has been recreated many-a-time by many different artists. The xx even springs to mind with the healthy percussion in the base of the song. As it vibrates into their other tracks, one of those from their ‘In Your Dreams EP‘, ‘Watercolors” percussion even reminds me of the anthemic song (and a few others by them) released by The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition.

Synthetic photos matched with synthetic beats – machineheart live

So after speaking with the band, I discovered that their influences weren’t actually far off from the sounds of Massive Attack. Fleetwood Mac are among their influences which, once discovering this, it becomes immediately clear that they play a part in how machineheart write their songs. Their song ‘Shelter‘ has a slight resemblance to the awesome track by Fleetwood Mac – Dreams. It is becoming increasingly rare, nowadays, of bands to have what I like to call ‘obvious’ influences, and it is somewhat refreshing to see a band whose influences aren’t immediately clear until mentioned. Would you really guess that two of their other influences are Kate Bush and The Cranberries?!

Old-school soft/pop-rock legends, Fleetwood Mac (not sure what I said that was so funny)

When you really love music, you’ll listen to anything and when an artist and/or songwriter creates music, they’ll write music that anyone will listen to and appreciate. I know what you’re thinking – James, stop being so profound and philosophical (I can’t help it, I just have a way with words). Machineheart’s music is damn good and there’s not one person that I’ve shown their music to that doesn’t see what I see – a band with a sound that you never tire of. When you have a chorus in almost every song that makes you smile, you know you’re onto a winner and there’s not a chance in hell that I don’t see this super-cool group from The States going on to do some pretty damn sweet things in the near AND distant future.

Stick to your guns machineheart.

Follow machineheart on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and check out their songs here!


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