What I can’t live without – MUSIC

Music, where the bloody hell do I start? I was lucky enough to grow up with parents that were both madly into music of all kinds. My Dad was interested in Tears for Fears, George Michael, Duran Duran, The Cure & A-ha and my Mum loved the likes of Haircut 100, Go West, and even reached out into the Motown/Soul genre with artists such as The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder – ‘Motown’s Golden Child

So, as you can imagine, I grew up with all sorts of music playing out of my parents’ boombox and this rubbed off on me. I’m still massively into my 80s music and I’ll listen to pretty much anything, with the exception of Heavy Metal (I guess you could say that Enter Shikari are an exception!).

The best part about music is that you’re completely out of touch with reality for a short period of time. You don’t have to talk to anyone, or feel anything. It’s literally just the music – and You. Since travelling I’ve discovered bands from all over the world that have inspired me to love music more than I feel is possible. Music helps any situation or mood; be it heartbreak, happiness, or even times of despair. It has a way of making everything seem OK.
SO. I came across a band on my first day in Manly called Sons of The East (Instagram: @sonsoftheeast) who are like your Australian Mumford & Sons – Folk music at its finest. Their music instills a feeling of happiness and total harmony and the best part is – they’re occasionally in Manly, playing at Reggae Night at The Steyne (Instagram: @hotelsteyne) which is a great opportunity to have a boogie to some sweet-as Folk songs. As far as I’m aware – the guitarist, Nic Johnston from Sons of The East plays an acoustic set at The Hold in Manly every Tuesday – check him out!

Sydney-born indie-folk band – Sons of The East

Now, everyone needs to stop and listen to LANY (Instagram: @thisislany) – a band I discovered through scouring Spotify for some new music. LANY come under a complicated genre which I guess you could say combines a mixture of the electronic, indie & alternative genres. Their music seems to be based around the idea of love and they are completely unlike any other band I know. ‘4EVER!’ has a very 80s, California feel to it and their new release – ‘Good Girls’ gives off a very summery, futuristic feel with hints of the 1975 & LE YOUTH in there. LANY are also soon to be releasing their self-titled debut album which is expected out on the 30th June so follow them on Instagram to stay up to date!lanysinger.jpg
Lany – Live

Now that brings me to one of my favourite bands to date – the 1975 (Instagram: @the1975). Now the 1975’s first releases were very pop-punk/rock sounding tracks that took the charts by storm back in 2013 when they released ‘The City’ & ‘Chocolate’ in the same year, as part of their EP – Music for Cars. They then went on to re-release those songs as part of their self-titled first album which sparked a craze of saxophone-filled, 80s resonating sounds with unique guitar riffs and music videos that told stories. If you want to feel like you were brought up in the 80s then their second album ‘I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It‘ is exactly where you should head. The album’s contents imbue a feel of ambience and synthetically-created sounds and even incorporate sounds that would be common in church music.

The 1975 – The Sound, song artwork (taken from an article about the 1975 by Erin Hampton)

The song ‘The Sound’ is probably as 80s as you can go in this day & age and seems to replicate the sounds that David Bowie once carved into the music industry. The album seems to bring back memories of the likes of Huey Lewis & The News (Twitter: @Huey_Lewis_News) whose name became ever-popular in the 80s pop-rock era after their soundtrack to Back To The Future (The Power of Love) was released.

Michael J. Fox pictured with Huey Lewis on the set of ‘Back to The Future’

My playlist on Spotify ‘Musica’ contains many of these wonderful artists, and many more, with the likes of St. Lucia, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Kensington featuring, plus your Australian influences like Tame Impala, Sticky Fingers & Chet Faker. Give it a listen if you want to hear the widest variation of music you could possibly hear!

Everything you need to access these extravagant bands is in my playlist below. If you want to check out any of the artists’ life in photos, I’ve linked all their instagrams for you. Enjoy!

Twitter: @travellingmixo
Instagram: @thetravellingmixologist
Spotify: jimmayboi / James Friend

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