5 signs that you’ve been caught in the ‘Manly Bubble’

It’s come to my attention that I’ve now been staying in Boardriders Hostel in Manly for (closing in on) three months now, when I originally only intended to stay here for a week or two. What’s my reasoning for staying? What isn’t there to love about Manly?! I mean let’s just forget for five minutes that I’ve spent all of the money I came out here with in three and a half months, that took me nine months to save… Manly can probably be held responsible for this little mishap but Christ on a bike I’ve had a good time and I’ve met some incredible people.

So, to give all of you potential travellers an idea of what it’s like to be caught in the Manly Bubble, I thought I’d give you a few signs of capture so that you’re aware when you get swallowed by the Manly Hole.

1. You go to The Hold (@theholdmanly – check them out on Instagram) for Tequila Tuesdays EVERY Tuesday. Who can say no to $5 tequilas all night, followed by a late night getting steamy in Shark Bar?!

2. You know some of the well-known locals;
Billy – a short, 39 year old Irish man lives in my Hostel and he is an absolute legend, but is known throughout Manly as he drinks at all the bars and clubs here. This man is the most awesome person I’ve met since I started my travels. He dances ’til 4am like no one’s watching and he gives me a hug and a high five very morning without fail.

White nose man – the bloke selling ‘Big Issue’ normally around the wharf area. Has sun cream covering his nose whether it’s raining or shining.

The boxer – village drunk who wears women’s hats, sunnies, a rash vest and board shorts, with a bottle of booze. Spends his time irritating locals and other passers by, and sparring with thin air.

Cat man – this feline lover walks around Manly with his cat on his shoulder. Obedience at its highest level.

3. You begin conversations with new people in the hostel by telling them that you’ve actually been caught in the Manly Bubble and that you originally only intended to stay for a short period of time. I intended to stay for two weeks max at Boardriders and I’ve now been there for almost two months – caught or what?!

4. You use ‘working in Manly’ as an excuse for why you’ve been caught in the Manly Bubble. I’ve now had three jobs in Manly and when someone asks me why I’ve been here so long, I respond with; “oh I’m working at ‘…’, and it’s just as cheap to stay at a hostel”. Honestly – every bloody time. I must sound like a broken record.

5. Last but not least. 3-4 days of your week consist of making plans on how you’re actually going to escape the bubble, only for these plans to never be put into action. A month or so ago I had decided I was going to do a campervan trip up coast to Cairns with some friends. Well, I got a new job fairly recently and guess what’s happened… I’M STAYING IN MANLY.

You just have to look on the bright side of being caught in the Manly Bubble. Manly is a wicked place that has good surfing, quirky bars, decent shopping and some lovely people, not to mention the wonderful bottoms you see on the beach. There’s definitely worse places you could be caught. Manly is my home ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ.

The Corso, Manly

$5 Tequilas at The Hold – every Tuesday

The aftermath of $5 Tequilas at The Hold

Just your average candid surf snapshot

Catching some rays by Shelly Beach

Trying to look like a pro surfer by using your GoPro to take pictures before you’ve even got on the board

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