Hostel life – a guide to not p***ing off those around you

So it’s come to my attention that I’m snoring like a motherf***er, which I can imagine is an incredible pain in the backside for anyone trying to sleep near me. Normally it’s quite easy to stop doing something that annoys anyone around you, but when you’re unconscious and you’re making noises that can only be associated with a troll, it’s pretty hard to make yourself more of a sleeping beauty rather than a sleeping beast. 

First things first, I looked online to see if there’s anything I can do to stop it; the top search result on Google was “Do fat people snore?”. Other search results said change your pillows (tried it – doesn’t work), don’t drink as much alcohol (I don’t want to stop snoring that bad thanks), lose weight (already a beansprout – probably not the best of ideas), change your sleep pattern (how the bloody hell do you consciously change your sleeping pattern when you’re unconscious?!).  So Google makes all these steps seem pretty easy when in fact they are pretty damn hard to grasp – but rule one of the guide – don’t snore.

When you’re living in a hostel, there’s communal fridges to store all of your perishables. All of your bags of food must be labelled or they get thrown out at the end of the week. This can be a big pain in the arse if you have nothing to label your bags with, or if reception is closed, you’re unable to get a label. Do yourself a favour if you’re digging through the fridge to find your ever so lovely food – don’t move other people’s food to another fridge! I spent a full on 20 minutes looking for my Nutella and bread this morning – only to realise that some delinquent had thrown it all out. To add to this, DON’T EAT OTHER PEOPLES FOOD IF YOU CAN’T FIND YOUR OWN. Three times in two weeks, now, I’ve gone into the fridge to find that my stuff has been half eaten and left open. Infuriating, considering food costs stupendous amounts out here. Rant over.

Hostel life is great – we all get that. But when it comes to having sex & other shenanigans in the hostel it can be pretty hard (for lack of a better word). Hearing those on the bunk below/above you moan and groan is pretty gross and can actually bring on symptoms of vomiting and pure aggression. For the sake of your other roommates – do it on the beach, or in the disabled toilet, or even anywhere that doesn’t give people an intense feeling of awkwardness.

One last thing – keep your area of the room tidy. Failing that, chuck all of your stuff on your bed. I was very guilty of leaving my ‘organised mess’ in the corner of the room until my roommates told me to finally get my s*** together and organise it all, ironically. 

Follow these steps and you’ll be the perfect person to live with in a hostel. 


The Travelling Mixologist

Instagram: @thetravellingmixologist

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