It’s breaking my bank to feed my food addiction

Imagine loving food. Now imagine loving food but hating buying it because it’s all so ridiculously expensive. You’ve now imagined Australia. The largest predicament I’ve encountered since being here and it’s hurting my belly. If you’re going to come to Australia, make sure you get really overweight before you go so that it’s OK to lose a load of weight when you go (or just make sure you’re rolling in money!).

I was out shopping the other day for food in Coles (the Tesco of Australia) and I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw that prawns cost $29/kilo. Prawns, being one of my favourite seafood options, had to be put on the back burner for a while as I would be spending 1/344 of the money I brought with me to Australia, just to feed my bottomless stomach.

Part of me has now decided that I am going to just spend my money on food regardless of the cost because I’m having withdrawal symptoms when el stomach doesn’t get his own way. We’ve eaten out quite a few times since being here which probably doesn’t help but the food just looks ten times more appealing over here (see photo below), and even fast food is amazing here and somehow tricks you into thinking “oh that’s kinda healthy”.

Mexican fast food in Bondi Beach

McDonald’s do an incredible thing where you can create your own burger, or salad (not to mention a lot of them do all day breakfasts – sexy, right?). I legitimately spent $16 on my create your own burger, but oh my it was worth it. It comes with a choice of gravy loaded fries (all you northerners would love it) or sour cream & sweet chilli sauce – you just cannot go wrong. The photo below doesn’t even do it justice! Australia have done it right in ramping up the price of everything that is detrimental to people’s health, like fast food, cigarettes, alcohol etc. which clearly has a good effect on the youthful population of Australia. However – it really makes you wonder how there are still a shocking amount of thumping great people out here!

My CYO burger at Maccy’s

Tabby’s CYO salad in Maccy’s – actually looks deceivingly healthy…

SO, to conclude this little moan about the cost of food over here – if you’re a guy like me who loves the taste of a good burger or good set of fresh prawns, IGNORE THE PRICE TAG.

And don’t even get me started on the cost of alcohol…

Next time – feeding my cocktail addiction…

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