23 signs you’re a traveller in Australia

We're all well-aware of the thousands of people that head to countries like Thailand, Australia and New Zealand each year to 'find themselves' and it seems like every one of them (including myself) epitomises the cliché traveller, regardless of their background, upbringing or which demographic they are part of. I mean it's not a bad... Continue Reading →

Manly – Sydney’s coffee hub

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, I've been drinking an unhealthy amount of coffee and mixing it with some late, eventful nights. It's actually got to the stage now where I'd rather go on a coffee date than a drinks date because the coffee is so damn good here. Not sure whether this... Continue Reading →

A band a week – Arctic Lake

A little delayed, to say the least, but the next band I'm covering are an awesome synth-pop band who formed three years ago while at the grand old University of Westminster. I first heard of these guys through a friend of mine who grew up with the guitarist, Paul. My friend proceeded to tell me... Continue Reading →

Just who are The Empire Police?

So recently, I've filled my bored moments with emptying Spotify of all it's up-and-coming artists, of any genre, and I've discovered some pretty rad new artists. The recently Spotify-verified The Empire Police are a new band that only emerged this year as they burst onto BBC Introducing's radar when Sean McGinty introduced (for lack of a... Continue Reading →

What I can’t live without – MUSIC

Music, where the bloody hell do I start? I was lucky enough to grow up with parents that were both madly into music of all kinds. My Dad was interested in Tears for Fears, George Michael, Duran Duran, The Cure & A-ha and my Mum loved the likes of Haircut 100, Go West, and even... Continue Reading →

5 signs that you’ve been caught in the ‘Manly Bubble’

It's come to my attention that I've now been staying in Boardriders Hostel in Manly for (closing in on) three months now, when I originally only intended to stay here for a week or two. What's my reasoning for staying? What isn't there to love about Manly?! I mean let's just forget for five minutes... Continue Reading →

Surfing for Dummies

So I've caught my first few waves in the last couple of weeks, and it's awesome. When you stand up you can hear R. Kelly belting out "I believe I can fly" and you feel pretty damn weightless. So what's the hardest part? Staying up on the board. For me, getting up to a standing... Continue Reading →

Hostel life – a guide to not p***ing off those around you

So it's come to my attention that I'm snoring like a motherf***er, which I can imagine is an incredible pain in the backside for anyone trying to sleep near me. Normally it's quite easy to stop doing something that annoys anyone around you, but when you're unconscious and you're making noises that can only be... Continue Reading →


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